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Pre-study is the first process that will give you the best start to make the right decision on setting up a successful CRM system. The strategy to achieve this goal involves the following steps: management interviews, user interviews, benchmarking, report, and presentation.

What is a Pre-study?

Pre-study is a process so we can determine your business’ objectives and requirements, so that you can make the best decision for your CRM solution. What does your business need, and what are the stakeholders’ interests and concerns? How can you be more customer-oriented and get the most out of your CRM investment? Nemely has a great way of finding the answers to these important questions through our Pre-study process. 

Your Needs Now & In The Future

Management Interviews

We want to understand your business thoroughly, so we can give you the best advice possible. We will interview the decision makers to find out what your business needs now and in the future, and maybe also challenge you in a way to improve your CRM and discuss what the right solution can achieve.

Meeting Interviews with Decision Makers or Managers
User Interviews

Users' Wishlists & Requirements

User Interviews

The next step is to get the users’ perspectives. What are their wishlists and requirements to improve the customer experience and satisfaction? How can we make your CRM processes more efficient and get you a better view of data? The daily users’ perspectives give us this full understanding of the challenges they are experiencing.

Your Needs Now & In The Future


What will be the best solution for your needs today and in the future? Nemely is independent to offer and chose from different leading CRM vendors or platforms. Is the solution scalable? Can we integrate with other systems, for example ERP?

Reporting on Pre-study Method

Guidance for Knowledge-Based Decision

The Report

The result of our Pre-study will be provided in a formal report that will give you guidance to make knowledge-based decision. We’ll give you a recommendation based on your business process. The report will also contain a project plan with a proposed solution roadmap, time frame, project scope, and price tailored to your needs.

Conclusions and Analyses

The Presentation

We will give you a presentation of our conclusions and analyses of the result of the Pre-study. This is a  good time and place to discuss the step-by-step implementation of the project plan, set-up the next phase, and proposed budget. The Pre-study is a foundation to make a better and informed decision on how you should start your future CRM success.

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