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We believe that a successful CRM implementation must deliver increased efficiency, productivity, and simplicity. Therefore, we are proud to employ some of the most talented, diverse, and dedicated professionals in the industry. Peruse and get to know some of our featured employees.

Employee Highlights

Get to Know Some of Us

Interested in what some of our featured employees do at work, their work-history background prior to joining Nemely, or what they do for fun and their favorite place in the world, or perhaps find out what are in their bucket lists? Learn about them below.       

Employee Highlights

Get to Know Some of Us

Interested in what some of our featured employees do at work, their work-history background prior to joining Nemely, or what they do for fun and their favorite place in the world, or perhaps find out what are in their bucket lists? Learn about them below.  

Mustafa Parkar

Senior .NET Developer

Mustafa has been working in the field of IT for over eight years now. Prior to joining Nemely, he worked as a Full Stack Developer and Team Lead on multiple assignments such as Espresso House and Scania. He also worked at Capgemini in multiple domains: insurance, finance, and e-commerce.

He has joined Nemely recently and works as a Senior .NET Developer. He personally knows the executive team, and it has been a fun transition for him to be a part of Nemely. His duties involve writing codes and deployment. He loves coding, solving complex problems, and engaging in discussions. He appreciates his helpful colleagues, fika time, and company outings.

In his free time, he enjoys going out for dinners with friends and trying out new food, travelling, and keeping his body fit.  He plays cricket, football, badminton, and he participates in cricket tournaments all over Sweden. He is a bit of a thrillseeker and has engaged in adrenaline-packed activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and scuba diving. He would never get tired of eating Chinese food and loves the Portuguese cuisine, people, and culture.

P.S. he is a bit of a prankster but hasn’t played a prank at the office, YET.

Cherilyn Huerto

Marketing Coordinator

Cherilyn is the Marketing Coordinator at Nemely who oversees and implements the execution and production of the company’s marketing initiatives. She works closely with the CEO, CAO, and the sales team to contribute and help drive the development of the company’s brand.

She is a cheerful person and frequently brings homemade desserts and pastries at work. She likes working at Nemely because there are many opportunities for learning, growth, and innovation, and she enjoys socializing and getting to know her friendly and competent colleaques.

Prior to joining Nemely couple months ago, she worked in San Francisco, CA as a business development and marketing manager for a start-up company and as a legal assistant at a lawfirm.

When she is not working, she loves to knit, watch Korean dramas, cycle, travel, work on her plants and garden, cook, and bake. Aside from Sweden, her favorite countries are Peru, South Korea, and France. She is fluent in Filipino, can speak and understand a bit of Spanish and French, has been learning Swedish, and can pick up Icelandic now and then. One day, she would love to have a spot in a colony lot and grow her own vegetables.

Stefan Christiansson

CEO & Senior Architect

Stefan Christiansson is a Co-Founder and Senior Architect at Nemely and has a background in CRM since 2007. He is mostly involved in most of the company projects, oversees the total delivery of all of them, and makes sure that we keep everything up to the standards that Nemely stands for.

He doesn’t have a typical day per se, but he usually juggles a lot between different projects. His days are pretty long, so he is very organized and lives by his emails and to-do lists. And he gets work satisfaction when projects are being delivered while getting excellent feedback from the customers that Nemely has fulfilled and exceeded their requests and requirements.

When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with friends and family and tries to relax as much as he can. He loves the warm weather, and he relishes sitting on a sunny beach and going out in the nature to get some fresh air and perspective on things. He is also big on wine & cheese and can get stuck for hours reading about random historical events.

As he has mostly traveled for work implementing CRM across the world, he would like to travel to more places as a tourist. He would like to see a little bit more of Asia and South America and have a road trip across the U.S. from coast to coast.

Adrian Roig

Chief Administrative Officer

Adrian is a Co-Founder and the Administrative Officer at Nemely. He is a Jack-of-all-trades and the go-to person at the company. He handles and manages a little of everything, from Human Resources (HR), contracts, compliance, finance, accounting, office management, marketing, and to make sure that everyone is happy and fulfilled at the company. 

Prior to starting the company, he worked as a business banker at a bank in Boston, Massachusetts before setting his eye on Stockholm, Sweden.

He is a big beach person, and when he is not gallivanting and sunbathing  in Miami Beach, Keywest, or in La Jolla, he can be seen exploring Fårö in Gotland, Sweden. He enjoys hiking and running with his dog, watching documentaries and foreign movies, working in his garden, repairing and renovating his home, cycling, and skiing.

He loves Asian culture and food, particularly Sri Lankan. He would love to live in Bali or on few different islands in Indonesia and Vietnam and go backpacking and island hopping one day. He would also love to buy a chicken coop and hatch his own eggs in Stockholm as he can eat rice and eggs for the rest of his life.

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