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Legal Practice Management

Manage all Aspects of Your
Firms' Client-Facing Activities

Manage all Aspects of Your Firms' Client-Facing Activities

Our packaged solution for law firms, built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Project Operations, combines several processes related to the acquiring, compliance validation, onboarding, delivery, and invoicing of legal services. With ease-of-use and simple handling of complex routines, you will feel the difference in productivity.

Client Relationship Management for Law Firms

Based on the powerful Dynamics 365 Platform but adapted to the area of Legal Services

Client Acquisition
Identify and target potential clients with a powerful sales and marketing tool.

Compliance Validation
Simplify and speed up to process of performing a compliance check.

Matter Management
Track all details related to the matter such as retainers and time reporting.

Client Invoicing
Generate time reports and invoices for billing of your clients.

Client Acquisition

Find and attract new clients efficiently through omni-channel marketing

Compliance Validation

Perform compliance validation with the click of a button

Matter Management

Track all information related to your clients and the work you do for them

Time Reporting
and Billing

Report time spent and generate invoices for billing your clients

Collaboration and Sharing

Collaborate with your colleagues and share data related to client matter

Client Acquistion

Powerful Marketing Platform

Client Acquisition is an important aspect of any business. Through the powers of the Dynamics 365 platform, together with advanced marketing capabilities, we can provide a solution that not only simplifies the way you work with client acquisition, but also give you far more possibilities than you have today. Handle everything from prospecting, lead generation, and omni-channel marketing to webinars and other type of marketing related events.

Compliance Validation

Simplify Client Onboarding

The solution provides the ability to quickly and easily perform compliance checks such as conflict of interest, money laundering prevention, and more. Hence, it will speed up the process of bringing new clients on board. Through integrations with third-party providers of compliance checks, such as Due Compliance, your users will immediately see the benefit of our solution, and your new client will get onboard faster.

Matter Management

Complete Client 360° View

Track everything related to your client such as client profile, contact details, compliance, digital documents, client satisfaction, matter, time reporting, billing, and more. With all the details in one place of a secure and easy-to-use system, less time is spent on finding the information and more on interacting with your valuable clients.

With our integrations with third-party providers of company data, we can provide an up-to-date feed of important news related to your clients’ businesses.

Time Reporting and Billing

Integrated Time Reporting

With the functionalities for time reporting, your users can easily track the time they spend with a client, either on a retainer or on a time and material basis, with a few simple clicks. Once the time reports are submitted, the system can produce time sheets, approval flows and invoices to the client. With everything integrated, we also make it easier for your IT-department to maintain.

Collaboration and Sharing

Collaborate with your Team

The Dynamics 365 platform, which is the foundation of our Legal Practice Management solution, offers native integration with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Sharepoint. Extend the capabilities of sharing data and discussions with your team over Teams channels and groups.

With Sharepoint integration, all documents related to your clients can be safely stored and easily accessed by anyone with the right permissions. With the use of our Sharepoint Extended functionality, your document library in Sharepoint will be automatically structured based on your organization’s needs and with the proper document templates.

Key Features and Benefits

Secure and easy to use.

Packaged CRM solution for law firms.

Handle complex routines painlessly.

Acquire clients with sales and marketing tools efficiently.

Perform compliance checks easily and quickly.

Track all clients' information systematically and securely.

Integrated time reporting and billing.

Collaborate with your colleagues and share client matter data safely.

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