Nemely Prospecting

Get Relevant and
Up-to-Date Company Information

With Nemely Prospecting, you can easily find and import company information directly from within your CRM. No need to switch between systems and company information is always up-to-date. Available for Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

Your Recommendation Engine

Your next business opportunity – at your fingertips. Goava tells you which company to talk to, whom to talk to, and what to talk about.

Key Capabilities


Find the most relevant companies to sell to using Goava’s predictive analysis.


Follow customers and prospects in social media, news media, and company websites in real time.


Save time making efficient research about the companies you sell to and interact with.

Sales Drivers

Goava Sales Intelligence

Goava has built a big data engine that analyses millions of data points about companies, filters the information, and extracts business insights for B2B salespeople:

  • Machine-learning algorithms
  • Gathers, analyses, and sorts text based data
  • Provides insight feeds about all companies
Business team analyzing and discussing sales leads and insights
Smiling businessmen with a good relationship discussing and looking at a B2B sales report on a clipboard

Business Drivers

B2B in a State of Upheaval

B2B sales have changed profoundly in the information age. Buyers have the initiative, control the processes, and choose between vendors. Creating lasting relationships is key to avoid long sales cycles and low efficiency for B2B sellers. It’s the age of Social Selling and Insight Selling. Relevance is king.

Tech Drivers

Big Data and Machine Learning

During recent years, the technologies that underlie big data and machine learning have spread beyond the domains of a few global companies and become accesible for different actors in different industries. The key to winning is not mere access to technology – it has became a data game.


The Power Behind Nemely Prospecting

Watch this video about Goava and what the Goava service can offer your sales and marketing departments. With true native integration with both Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, your sales rep will have unlimited power at their fingertips.

Key Features and Benefits

Save Time

B2B salespeople spend an average of 33% of their time on research. With Goava, they can spend more time selling instead.

Find Companies

Goava is a exploration tool that recommends which companies you should work with. Instead of wasting time finding interesting companies, Goava helps you prioritize.

Better Hit Rate

Goava’s recommendation engine helps you focus on your most likely customers. This allows you to spend time at the right company and maintain relevant and interesting dialogues with your new customers.

Follow Companies

Goava monitors what is written about all of Sweden’s companies so that you will be notified when important events occur.

Increased Sales

By working data-driven you can sell both smart and data-driven. You will have more time to sell and better quality of your dialogues with the target group.

Explore Companies

With Goava you get all relevant company data in one place; on the mobile, on the computer or in the CRM. You will read and become more relevant in the dialogue.

Access Information

Goava combines the power of open and public data with company data. You find everything from deep financial data to social media.

Customer Centric

Goava’s tools can be customized to work with your particular way of working and with most CRMs.

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