CRM Alerts

The Ultimate Companion
App for Your CRM

CRM Alerts simplifies the work life for any CRM user that is doing sales-related activities with their mobile devices on a regular basis. The app presents relevant data and easy-to-perform actions that will improve the productivity of your mobile sales rep.

Say 'HELLO' to CRM Alerts

With CRM Alerts in your pocket, you will have instant access to the most relevant CRM data when out and about. Get directions to your next meeting, read up before visiting the customer, take notes with dictation while in the car after leaving the meeting, get push notifications about important events and so much more.

Intuitive and Easy to Use
With the simplistic user experience you can be up and running in minutes.

Fast to Launch
Launches blazingly fast. No more waiting when you are in a rush.

Focus on Your Activities
Focus on what’s important during your day. Avoid information overload.

Works Across Devices
Use on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

Key Features and Benefits


Push Notifications

Keep your users up-to-date with what's happening from Dynamics 365.