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CRM Alerts simplifies the work life for any CRM user that is doing sales-related activities with their mobile devices on a regular basis. The app presents relevant data and easy-to-perform actions that will improve the productivity of your mobile sales rep.

Say 'HELLO' to CRM Alerts

With CRM Alerts in your pocket, you will have instant access to the most relevant CRM data when out and about. Get directions to your next meeting, read up before visiting the customer, take notes with dictation while in the car after leaving the meeting, get push notifications about important events and so much more.

Intuitive and Easy to Use
With the simplistic user experience you can be up and running in minutes.

Fast to Launch
Launches blazingly fast. No more waiting when you are in a rush.

Focus on Your Activities
Focus on what’s important during your day. Avoid information overload.

Works Across Devices
Use on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

Key Features and Benefits


Push Notifications

Keep your users up-to-date with what's happening from Dynamics 365.


Phone Call Management

Detect phone calls and take notes from the call. And call, text, or email any contact.

Home Screen Widget

Get a quick view of relevant information without even having to open the CRM Alerts app.


Appointment Management

See all the details about an appointment in a clean and easy-to-use interface. Syncs directly with Outlook.

Group 8


Add additional functionality and enable services to make your work life easier.

Artificial Intelligence

CRM Alerts is enriched with Open AI functionality to instantly give you relevant insights


Note Taking

Take notes by typing or dictating. You can even attach notes from other apps, photos, files, etc.


Customer Information

Get a map overview and global search of companies and people from the CRM database.

Business Information

Work with your opportunities and cases related to your customers directly in the app.

Quick Actions Menu

Find the global search with a single tap and expand to a collection of useful information and actions.


View your goal progress , target, current achieved goal, and any open in-progress values.

And More

Learn more about additional features and functionalities of the app.

Mobile App for Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

Empower Your CRM Strategy

Watch this video to discover how CRM Alerts can revolutionize your customer relationships with ease. Elevate your CRM game on-the-go with seamless customer data management, productive meeting preparation, real-time notifications, efficient note-taking, and flexible extensions for an unparalleled CRM experience. Boost productivity, respond promptly, and make informed decisions, all while customizing the app to your workflow.

Preferred Solution

on Microsoft AppSource

Nemely’s CRM Alerts app has been chosen as a “Preferred Solution” in Microsoft’s business application marketplace, AppSource. It has been selected for its quality, performance, and ability to address customer needs in a certain industry vertical or solution area.    

Push Notifications

Receive Instant Notifications

Receive instant, customizable, and actionable CRM alerts. Developed as an extension to the built-in logic engine of Dynamics 365, it can be integrated with all your current business flows. 

Set up approval flows and attach CRM quotation documents in CRM to the notification. With a simple tap of a button,  a manager can either approve or reject, and if needed, add a comment. 

Users can select and decide what notifications they want to receive.  Some notifications might be mandatory, which the users will not be able to disable. 

Customize the notifications to your business needs. You can change anything from icons and content, to attachments and available actions.

Get driving directions to your meetings, get a quick glance of meeting agenda and participants, and check customer background.

With the calendar in CRM Alerts, we combine CRM activities with your personal activities so you get a complete view of your day.

Get reminded to take notes after a meeting is finished. With our note taking capabilities, it only takes a few seconds.

Appointment Management

Get Control of Your Calendar

CRM Alerts is at the center of your day’s activities. From getting an overview of your whole day at a quick glance to providing you with productivity-boosting functionalities such as turn-by-turn directions to your next meeting, summary of important customer history, and note taking using voice or typing. It’s all just a tap away.

Note Taking

Attach Notes to Anything

Note taking in CRM Alerts is optimized to cut down the number of steps and the effort needed to add notes to activities and other records in CRM.

Notes can be added anywhere in the form of text, photo and uploaded files. Dictation will allow you to take notes easily while on the go.

Recorded notes are easily accessible from the appointment view. All the notes are shown in chronological order, and you see all the note directly without having to open up individual note records. 

If you prefer to take your meeting notes in other apps, such as OneNote or Evernote, or if you have taken photos of white-board drawings or anything else related to your appointment, you can easily attach them as meeting notes. 

With the “Share Sheet” in the CRM Alerts app, you can share your notes, photos, or files, as meeting notes. 

CRM Alerts Phone Call Management

CRM Alerts acts as a phone number identification service and will provide contact details for any number of a contact that you have access to in CRM, even if it’s a contact of your colleague. 

Call, text, or email a contact from anywhere a contact is shown, such as on the appointment view, recent contacts in the “Quick Actions” menu, or in the “Persons” list.

We will suggest to take notes after calls on any VOIP platform such as Skype or Microsoft Teams as well. 

Phone Call Management

Detect Phone Calls from CRM Contacts

Whenever you take a call from within CRM Alerts or in the iPhone app directly, we will present a quick action to take notes from that call. You can type or dictate your notes, select the person you spoke with, hit save, and it will be uploaded to CRM.


Expand Your CRM
with an Extension System

Add functionality to the experience that might be specific to the way you want to work with your contact and activity management. Extensions are dependent on third-party service and additional fees may apply. 

Send documents with GetAccept. With this integration, you can choose the sales literature to send from a visual gallery. And it will end up in the customer’s inbox with just a few taps. Read more about GetAccept.

Get customer insights with Goava. With this extension enabled, you will be able to get a quick overview of important financial and business-related details of the company you are meeting, including any recent news such as press releases, social media posts, or new recruitments. Read more about Goava/Nemely Prospecting.

Provide great new functionality that will make your work life easier by enabling the services you have in the “Extensions” section of your app settings. 

Quotation Approval Customer Information

Quickly find companies and people from the CRM database with the global search. Search based on several attributes and all the results are made available for further actions

Work with prospects and customers and related opportunities and cases. Quickly make updates to your opportunities so you don’t have to do administration work at the end of the week.

With map overview, explore where all the customers are located. Get information about company description, address, employees, and more. 

Customer Information

Enjoy Easy Access
to Your CRM Data

Easily locate any CRM prospects or customers near to your current location. With a tap, reach out to them and drop by for a spontaneous meeting. Saves you on travelling back and forth and might land you that unexpected deal. 

And More...

Simplify The Work Life for CRM users

The “Quick Actions Menu” is a collection of useful information and actions that might come in handy unexpectedly. The menu is where you find the global search and a single tap will expand the “Quick Actions Menu” into  search interface where you can find your companies and persons. 

Quotation Approval More

Get a quick glance of your goal progress in a familiar ring chart. We also show your goal target, current achieved goal, and any open in-progress values

See relevant information without opening the CRM Alerts app quickly. View your goal progress, as well as your next upcoming meeting, directly on your Home Screen.

With “Quick Actions Menu”, take notes from a phone call or add a new person that you just ran into your CRM leads or contacts.  

With the simplicity of tracking information in CRM Alerts, it will be easier for the users to register progress  which will lead to better data quality and more relevant statistics.

Using Goals visualization on the Today screen and Alerts with celebratory sound and visual effects, your sales competitions will be more engaging and fun!


Engage in motivating
Sales Competitions

Use CRM Alerts to drive motivating sales competitions and award your top champions with engaging celebratory messages.

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