CRM Alerts

The Ultimate Companion
App for Your CRM

CRM Alerts simplifies the work life for any CRM user that is doing sales-related activities with their mobile devices on a regular basis. The app presents relevant data and easy-to-perform actions that will improve the productivity of your mobile sales rep.

Instant CRM Notifications

CRM Alerts is a mobile app that lets you receive instant push notification from CRM, which are actionable and content rich. Get notified about everything from new leads to neglected cases, or why not quickly approve discount requests without leaving the app. 

Key Features and Benefits

Distribute tasks to your users and follow-up the completion.

Don't delay following up on new leads. Send an alert to your users and allow them one-tap feedback back to your CRM.

Quickly send out general announcements and info and see if it has been read.

Automatically escalate neglected cases or monitor and alert users of incoming urgent-support requests.

Support your users with complete and easy-to-access insights before sales meeting.

Distribute PDF reports and documents from your CRM to the users as part of a triggered or scheduled workflow.

Support your users with their pipeline by sending out opportunity-related notifications.

Provide valuable reminders to your users to call the right people at the right time.

Stay Informed

Get Instant Notifications

With CRM Alerts on your smart phone, smart watch, or tablet, you will never miss an important update. CRM will automatically push out relevant updates to you and you can easily respond directly on any of your mobile devices. No need to bring out your laptop or log in to CRM. Just a simple tap is all that’s needed.

Business clients receiving instant CRM Alerts updates on smart phone and tablet
Happy customer with a thumbs up after sending and receiving instant digital approvals through CRM Alerts

Easy Approvals

Transform Digital Approvals

Digital approvals couldn’t be any simpler than using CRM Alerts. When an approval is requested, you will instantly receive an approval request as a push notification. All the relevant information will be presented, and you can directly approve with a simple yes or no.


Bring Out the Joy of Winning

Use CRM Alerts to engage your sales staff in a fun and motivating game of champions. Nothing drives your sales than a healthy dose of competition. With the push notifications of CRM Alerts, you can deliver badges to your top performers to motivate and promote continued excellence. It is gamification at its best!

A smiling lady who has won a competition through CRM Alerts and proudly displays her badges and reward stickers
Smart businessman with a suspended box full of cogs and gears over his open hands


Build Your Own Alert Workflows

CRM Alerts was built from the ground up to be expandable while at the same time simple-to-use for the end user. Alerts can be triggered by any event in your CRM system, and responses can be customized with a wide range of options, such as approvals, multi-choice answer, task completion, etc.

See It In Action

Try It Out for Free

iOS App

Test it out using the built in demo mode. No need to set things up in your CRM to test drive and experience what CRM Alerts can do for your business.

Dynamics CRM Solution

Extend Dynamics 365 with the power of instant push notifications and one tap responses and approvals. Check out our free trial.

Salesforce Package

Using Salesforce? Salesforce system support is available now and will be published soon on AppExchange. Please contact us in the mean time.


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