Nemely and Goava Form Strategic Partnership

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Prospecting + CRM

Nemely and Goava join forces to provide best of class prospecting and customer follow up experience inside CRM.

Do you spend a lot of time doing research trying to find new leads?

Goava uses big data and machine learning to gather relevant information about companies that could be your next customer. Follow customers and prospects in social media, on news and websites in real time. Get notifications when a company opens a new office or changes CEO. Create your own filters and let Goava do the job for you.

Having difficulty maintaining good data quality?

Focusing on existing customers? Fine, Goava can still be something for you. Nemely can help you integrate Goava with your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and help you take controll over the data you have. We all know that sometimes we forget to remove a contact or update an account with the latest information. CRM + Guava = one click away from always having the latest financial data and contact information.

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