Webinar: Work More Efficiently with Copilot and AI in Microsoft Dynamics

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to play a significant role in transforming business operations. Microsoft’s Dynamics platform has been at the forefront of this transformation, evolving from a basic CRM solution to a powerful, customizable platform with a range of AI functionalities. In this webinar, attendees were introduced to the latest advancements in AI and Copilot capabilities within the Dynamics platform. This blog post will delve into the highlights of the webinar and explore the potential impact of AI on sales, marketing, customer service, and business analytics.

The Journey of Dynamics Platform:

Stefan Christiansson, Co-Founder and Solutions Architect of Nemely, kicked off the webinar by reflecting on the growth of the Dynamics platform over the years. What was once a standard sales-focused CRM solution has now transformed into the comprehensive Power Platform, catering to diverse business applications. The platform’s expansion has been accompanied by the integration of AI functionalities, marking an exciting new phase for Dynamics.

Viva Sales and AI Integration:

The webinar began with a demonstration of Viva Sales, the sales plugin for Outlook. This integration between Outlook and CRM environments offers AI-powered features to enhance sales workflows. Attendees witnessed how Copilot assists with tasks such as creating contacts, tracking emails, generating email content, and summarizing email threads. By automating repetitive tasks and providing intelligent suggestions, Copilot streamlines sales processes, saving valuable time for sales representatives.

Revolutionizing Marketing with AI:

The webinar then shifted its focus to the marketing module of Dynamics. Copilot showcased its capabilities in the marketing domain, helping marketers craft catchy and targeted texts. Emil Jakobsson, one of Nemely’s Customer Engagement Consultants, explained how Copilot assists in creating filters to identify relevant contacts or accounts for targeted campaigns. The ability to leverage AI to streamline marketing workflows and generate insightful segments adds significant value to marketing teams.

Empowering Customer Service:

Next, the webinar explored how Copilot supports customer service operations within the Dynamics platform. Attendees learned how Copilot enables customer service representatives to ask questions and receive answers based on existing knowledge articles. This advanced functionality eliminates the need to manually search and comprehend articles, significantly enhancing the speed and efficiency of customer issue resolution.

Advancements in Business Central:

Martin Burman, Nemely’s Power Platform and Power BI developer, took the stage to discuss Business Central, Microsoft’s ERP solution that seamlessly integrates with Dynamics CRM. Attendees gained insights into the new functionality introduced in Business Central, which enables smoother collaboration and provides enhanced capabilities for managing sales processes.

Power BI and AI Analysis:

Martin presented the latest improvements in Power BI, Microsoft’s business analytics tool. He also introduced the audience to Fatmax with Fabric, a new AI-powered feature that aids in data analysis and decision-making. These advancements further empower businesses to derive valuable insights from their data and make informed strategic decisions.

CRM Alerts by Nemely:

CRM Alerts is one of Nemely’s own products. It is a mobile app that lets you receive instant push notification from CRM, which are actionable and content-rich. And as the webinar approached its conclusion, Stefan, Emil, and Martin showcased how we leverage AI in in CRM Alerts. This demonstration illustrated the practical applications of AI in various business contexts and emphasized the potential for AI-driven solutions to optimize business processes and drive growth.

Q&A and Wrap-up:

Throughout the webinar, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions using the Q&A feature. The presenters dedicated time to address these questions, fostering interactive discussions. The session concluded with a wrap-up, summarizing the key takeaways and highlighting the immense potential of AI in transforming businesses using the Dynamics platform.


The webinar provided attendees with valuable insights into the latest advancements in AI and copilot functionalities within the Dynamics platform. From streamlining sales processes to enhancing marketing strategies, resolving customer issues efficiently, and leveraging AI for business analytics, the Dynamics platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses across industries. As AI continues to evolve, its integration with business applications will undoubtedly revolutionize the way organizations operate, fostering efficiency, productivity, and growth. Embracing AI technologies within the Dynamics platform can position businesses at the forefront of innovation, unlocking new opportunities and driving competitive advantage in the digital era.


This blog post is generated by AI. 

Webinar Recording in Swedish

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