Nemely Essentials

Dynamics CRM for Small Companies

Starter package with standard solutions adapted for the Swedish market.

CRM That You Can Grow In

Major CRM Platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics have an ever expanding set of functionalities that are built to apply to the great masses. This means that you get a lot of functionality in the platform, but it also means that the functionalities you need are over shadowed by things you don’t use. With Nemely Essentials, we have simplified the platform and sharpened the edge. We also include some improvements to increase your productivity and efficiency while keeping it all simple and easy-to-use.

Key Benefits

Built for Small Businesses

CRM solutions that small companies can work in that is updated and optimized to Swedish standards, without the need to hire CRM consultants.

Fixed Costs

Pay a one-time start-up and low monthly-subscription fee. You can budget for it, and it won't cost anything more.


When companies grow and needs increase, you'll need to migrate to a different CRM solution. With Nemely Essentials, you can continue using the same solutions, and we can add vast and complex functionalities as per your organization's needs.

Traffic Lights

Quick Overview of Your Data

Visualize the data and get a better glance and overview to track your opportunities and follow up on your activities. This is an easy way to see which opportunities are about to be closed, quotes that will expire soon, and cases that have been delayed because they haven’t been handled in time. 

360° Overview

Organized Customer Information

Organize all your customer information. See the dashboard with a color-coded overview of everything that is going on about a particular customer, so invoices that are overdue will be a thing in the past.

GDPR Compliant

Fields Adapted for European Market

Nemely Essentials has been adapted for the European market, the Swedish market, in particular, to be GDPR-compliant.

Sharepoint Extended

Improved Document Management

The out-of-box integration between Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint is blunt, and configuration is limited and not optimized for user friendliness. With Sharepoint Extended from Nemely Essentials, we expand upon the out-of-box functionality to create more value for the user.

Create & Manage Quotes

Increase Your Sales

In the end phase of most sales, you make a price quote or proposal that you can send to an opportunity, account, or contact, which eventually becomes an order. If you aren’t working with a system that helps you keep track of the quotes that have been sent to your prospects and customers, it is easy to lose track of the offer you have made. With Nemely Essentials, we have added full support for quote management in our solution.

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