Managed Solutions

For Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 with business-value-driven solutions.

Nemely Managed Solutions

With many years in the CRM field, we have used our combined knowledge and experience to identify certain key areas and functionalities where the Dynamics Platform can be extended to create more value for your users and for you as a business. We offer these solutions on a license basis, which means there will be less unknowns for you going in to a project, and custom development can be focused on what is truly unique for your organization.

Sharepoint Extended

Document Storage Enhanced

The out-of-box integration between Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint is blunt, and configuration is limited and not optimized for user friendliness. With Sharepoint Extended from Nemely, we expand upon the out-of-box functionality to create more value for the user.

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Fortnox Integration

Invoice Generation from CRM

With Nemely’s integration between Microsoft Dynamics and Fortnox, users of Fortnox can enjoy a seamless flow between the two systems. Fulfill your sales or time reporting in Dynamics and automatically generate and send out invoices through Fortnox with the click of a button. Balance is fed back to Dynamics for follow-up and reporting.

Access Templates

Simplified User Management

Maintaining user-access rights and team membership can be complex in mid-size and large implementations. Usually a combination of security roles and teams are combined to set up the desired privileges for individual users. This can make the management of users time consuming and prone to human error. With Profile Management from Nemely, we remove the complexity from your user administration. Along the predefined profiles that fit your business, you just need to decide which business role a user has, and everything else is taken care of for you. 

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Key Account Management

Focus on Most Important Customers

If your organization has a distributed sales team working with customers that are in some way related to each other across border, business area, subsidiaries or otherwise related but not one, you will stand to benefit from our Key Account Management Solution. With a simple click, you can associate related accounts. And our solution will give you powerful aggregated view of the whole relationship as well as share the relevant information to the right people.

Product Lifecycle Management

Maintain Your Customer Assets

Most product and service-oriented B2B businesses have some form of assets they sell to their customers. It might be a machinery, a contract, a vehicle, an inventory, or just about anything you can imagine. With Nemely Asset Management in Dynamics, you can maintain your assets related to each of your customer and track things such as installation date, delivery date, expiry date as well as key specification details about the asset. 

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Nemely Essentials

Start from the Essentials

Major CRM Platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics have an ever expanding set of functionalities that are build to apply to the great masses. This means that you get a lot of functionality in the platform, but it also means that the functionalities you need are over shadowed by things you don’t use. With Nemely Essentials, we have simplified the platform and sharpened the edge. We also include some improvements to increase your productivity and efficiency while keeping it all simple and easy to use.

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