A Powerful and User-Friendly Marketing Toolkit

The leading marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics. Create amazing experiences for marketeers that drive growth and engagement.

All-Round Marketing Tool

With ClickDimensions, you have one data source, one interface and all the features you need to create and follow up your marketing campaigns. Because ClickDimensions is not only an all-round marketing tool, it is also fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM built on top of the platform.

The Marketing Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics

Marketing Automation

A robust and easy-to-use marketing automation platform.

Marketing Analytics

A marketing dashboard that links multichannel marketing campaigns to revenue.

Marketing Services

The services and support needed to get the results you want.


Schedule and Manage Content

With intelligent publishing, you create the content in advance and let the social marketing platform do the rest by automatically spreading your posts across your schedule. And the social media editorial calendar lets you see at-a-glance what’s posting when on every social channel in every campaign.

An employee typing on a laptop while scheduling and managing content and campaigns on social media and marketing platforms
Users with their mobile and tablet devices engaging and interacting with their social media conversations online and offline


Find and Engage Conversations

You can easily monitor and engage in social conversations across multiple social networks from our convenient social marketing platform. Cut through the social media noise and focus on the discussions that really matter.


Discover and Share Content

Broaden your social media horizons with content that appeals to your audience and positions your business as a thought leader. Automated content curation makes it easy to discover and publish content to your social profiles.

A business influencer and leader sharing and publishing online content for followers and customers
An excited and happy businesswoman celebrating a victory of success sitting in front of a computer holding a mobile device

Greater Social ROI

Measure and Optimize Results

Advanced social analytics reveal the effectiveness of your social marketing efforts and their impact on revenue and the sales pipeline. Measure the results for engagement and conversions for every social network and post.

Key Features and Benefits


Gather lead and customer insight through surveys.

Marketing Calendar

Visualize and track marketing activity across channels.

Landing Pages

Create landing pages without any HTML knowledge.

SMS Messaging

Send text messages to your leads and contacts.

Lead Scoring

Score your prospects' interests and determine which leads to pursue.

Web Intelligence

View web activity of anonymous and identified visitors.​

Web Forms

Collect valuable information about your prospects and customers.

Campaign Automation

Design targeted campaigns with a variety of triggers, timers, and actions.​

Social Posting

Post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.​

Email Marketing

Create, send, and track emails. Send in bulk, to individuals or via a CRM workflow.​


Link emails, web visits, page views, and form captures directly to CRM campaign records.

Event Management​

Integrate with popular event management tools to bring attendee information automatically into Dynamics 365.​

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