What Does It Take To Be The Best?

Let us introduce you to our take on Customer Relationship Management

The Key Factors To A Successful Implementation

Ease of Use

A good CRM solution must be easy to use

Good Data Quality

Data quality is key to successful CRM implementation


A CRM system must be able to provide the right information at the right time and in the right place


A Good CRM must be intelligent enough to provide insight and visibility to the right people

How Do We Achieve This? - Our Vision

It must be easy to get access to the right information

One of the most important aspects to success is to always make available the most important and relevant information with the click of a button or the tap of a screen.

Everything that goes into the system should provide value back

To motivate users to enter data into a system, they have to see a value coming out of it. Many times CRM is considered an optional system while it’s in reality, one of the most important systems in the organization.

We should remove administration tasks from the users

Everyone should do what they do best. That’s why we believe that everything that is double work or that can be done automatically should be taken away from the responsibility of the user.

The dialogue with the customer must be personal and well targeted

With all the great data easily available, we should use this to customize and personalize the customer’s experience. This involves everything from the first marketing efforts to the sales meetings and all the way to customer nourishment.

It must be possible and easy to draw conclusions and get insights from the system

The system sits on a goldmine of data that if used right can become a very powerful tool in the decision making process. Don’t hide any of that data away but bring it front and center where it is useful.

We should get quick and up to date signals to guide us in the right direction

Just as the world around us is changing fast, the systems we use must act even faster to give us the right information without delay.

How Do We Realize Our Vision?


The base is the CRM platform itself. We work with the market leading solutions that provide a good combination of usability and functionality and that can be extended to support an ecosystem of systems to create an outstanding complete solution.


Clean data and relevant up-to-date information about your customers and prospects can be provided by external data suppliers. They make it their business to find you the right potential customers based on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Although most CRM systems come with a mobile app to access the system, no other vendor has gone as far as Resco when it comes to providing a complete solution that’s available on the go with functionalities such as report generation, dashboards, advanced find and complete integration with e-mail and calendar on the device.


We looked for a vendor that could provide a simple and user friendly solution to provide instant push notifications and an easy way to respond. We didn’t find a good solution so we decided to develop our own. Meet CRM Alerts.


Running and sharing presentations is an important part of a  sales reps every day work and by using Yooba we can gather analytics and intelligence from the interaction during sales presentations, in person or online.

Use GetAccept to distribute sales literature and get electronic signatures on our quotes and contracts, directly from your CRM.


Communicate with your current and potential customers through a multitude of channels based on who they are, what they need and what they have done in the past. Receive intelligent insights from their interactions with your content.

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